Neurosurgery has come a long way since the picture above of the early days of Neurosurgery, when morbidity and mortality is horrendous. Giving Neurosurgery a very bad reputation. Most people will make a Will before any Neurosurgery as they expect to die or be serverly disabled. Nowadays Medical science has helped Neurosurgery where imaging techniques allow us to see all important parts of the brain, so surgical planning can be done to avoid them.

Surgery is also helped with use of computers working like GPS to localise lesions, video cameras, use of normal head orifice to approach the tumour and also use of intra-operative imaging technuques to get real-time update of the operative situation and remnant tumour.

Awake surgery can also be done so as to monitor patients' speech during the procedure so that no harm is done.

Other treatment modalities modalisties include computer-guided radiation which help control remnant tumour in important brain areas left behind so as not to cause the patient harm. Nowadays patients who walk in to hospital can largely be expected to walk out well.

We offer treatments for the following conditions:

• Brain tumors

• Arteriovenous malformations

• Hydrocephalus

• Paediatric Brain Surgery

• Tic dolareaux and hemifacial spasm

• Intractable epilepsy

• Cerebral aneurysm

• Cranial fractures

• Head injury

• Parkinson’s disease and tremors

• Stroke / Hemorrhages

• Pituitary tumors

• Synostosis

• Infections


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